I’m participating in the Clutter-Busting Challenge  over at Money Saving Mom. The challenge: Donate, Trash or otherwise get rid if 7 things in your home each week day in May. Wanna join in? Check out the challenge on the Money Saving Mom site, or post a comment below with what you got rid of today!


I’m a day late getting in on the game, but I decided better late than never :).

I didn’t think I had much to get rid of…I really thought that even SEVEN items would be a challenge. Little did I know, EIGHTY items were lurking in my home!!

Here’s what I’m getting rid of today:


I am counting the cardboard boxes because they have been lurking for a while. I also purged magazines and a bunch of buttons (of the pin variety), some old makeup and a few toys, etc. Far to much to detail in a list here…you would be very bored reading it if I did!

I thought seriously about saving some to purge tomorrow, but is that cheating?? I wasn’t sure so I decided to count it all for today and try for 7 again tomorrow :).

And here is what Benjamin was doing while I was busy clutter-busting:

photo(12)A true boy, playing a game on the kindle. 🙂

Did you purge anything today?