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Creating a plan to achieve my goal of daily Bible reading was immensely helpful last month. So I decided to outline a similar plan for another goal that I have been struggling with:  Taking a Sabbath.

Why do I want to take a Sabbath?

I want to take a Sabbath because I want a time to have quite and calm and REST! I want to enjoy my family and not always be on the go. And I want to be stable and healthy both physically and mentally, both of which are achieved by getting proper rest. I tend to run myself hard for a few weeks and then inevitably have a breakdown from improper rest. And does it really matter if I do 100 things this week if I’m too tired to enjoy them? I don’t think so. My husband frequently reminds me that life is about quality, not quantity of years.

Sabbath, defined.

For me, a Sabbath is one day where I don’t have any “have-to’s”, only “get-to’s”. I get to go to church, spend time with family, enjoy nature, take a nap, see friends, read, and generally enjoy restful activities.

I want this. I think about enjoying a Sabbath during the week and actually look forward to it. But then I get to Sunday…and I don’t allow myself to actually observe my Sabbath. {Note: a Sabbath doesn’t have to be Sunday, but it is the day that works best for me and our family schedule so that is why I chose it}.

Right now, I think I struggle with actually taking and enjoying a Sabbath for 3 reasons.

1. I feel obligated to shop the sales.

This one is crazy, I know. But Sunday’s are when the new ads for Target and the drugstores come out, and since I’m always looking for a great deal, I really want to jump on them. The best time to go is Sunday morning (usually before church if I can manage it).  But wait — I’m waking up EARLY on my only Sabbath of the week…to go score an awesome tampon deal that I probably don’t even really need?? Hmm…

2. I let technology control what I do.

I turn on the computer for “just a minute to check something” and end up spending time floating around the blogs and before I know it, 2 hours is gone. I do collect a lot of sales and organize my deals, but do I really need to do this today?

3. I inevitably have to do all those things I “forgot” to do on Saturday.

“Oh shoot!  I need to bake cookies for Monday!”,  “Great, I forgot to finish my Bible study homework for tomorrow”,  “Wait, did we have anything planned for dinner tonight?” Usually right around 6pm on Sunday night I have one (or more) of these thoughts. Can anyone else relate??

And these are all things that end up robbing me of my Sabbath.

So here’s my plan for the month of May

1. No deal shopping on Sunday.

{This one is going to hurt!}. I will wait until I have the car on Thursday and take care of any shopping and deal hunting then. If I miss the deal, oh well. There WILL be another deal again — I have seen it happen!

2. I will disconnect from technology on Sunday.

That means no online browsing, no printing coupons, and it means keeping my laptop put away for 24 hours. It also means not using my iPhone for online purposes – phone calls only (gasp!).

3. I will make a list on Friday of everything that needs to be done for Sunday (or Monday morning).

Do I need to do laundry for the weekend? Plan or prep dinner for Sunday? Anything due or needed on Monday? Do we need anything at the store? Am I going anywhere Monday morning – what do I need to have ready? Then I will tackle this list by Saturday evening so I can enjoy my Sabbath on Sunday.

To some, it may seem like a restrictive list (and to be honest – it kind of seems that way to me too!), but I am willing to try it and see if it sticks. I may end up tweaking it a bit later on, but I think I can try it for a month and see how things go. I just tell myself “I’m not saying forever, I’m just saying for-now”.

And so begins the great experiment!

Do you take a weekly Sabbath? {Or do you need to take one?}. What does a Sabbath look like to you??

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