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So if there’s one thing I have learned…I’m not sure this is it! But I have found one way to help keep me sane when it comes to housework.

Two words: Morning Routine.

Simple right?

When I first tried developing a routine I got super frustrated with myself because I just wasn’t getting it and the “routine” was anything but. Then I realized I was trying to do WAY too much and call it normal. So instead, I backed off and made a simple Morning Routine that was much more attainable. It all gets done before breakfast, and seriously, it sets my day up for success and gets 5 crucial items done in a matter of 15-20 minutes.

My Morning Routine:

  1. Wipe down the bathroom counter, mirror, and toilet
  2. Get Dressed (either to exercise or to go out, depending on the day)
  3. Make Bed
  4. Start 1st load of laundry
  5. Empty dish drainer from night before

That’s it.

And I am pretty much on auto-pilot in the morning. Sometimes I get all the way to emptying the dish drainer before I even realize it!

Now, full disclosure. I am NOT perfect! Some days, for one reason or another, it just doesn’t happen. But the good thing about a routine is that missing one day doesn’t make everything fall apart, because tomorrow you know right where to pick up.

So if you feel like your day is out of control, try writing down a simple “Morning Routine” that fits your life and try it out for a few days. I promise you — it will make a difference.

Do you have a Morning Routine? If not, how would your day be different if you developed one?