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this is what I am missing this month!!

this is what I am missing this month!!


So far so good.

How’s that for an update? 🙂

But seriously….

I have definitely stuck to not going out to eat – a big victory for me because I wanted so badly so many times to just cave in and ask Nathan to pick something up on the way home — I was so NOT feeling the whole cooking thing for most of last week. But instead we have only been eating either at home or at my parents. Boring, maybe. But now I get to feel good about myself for choosing wisely, right? 😉

I actually do feel pretty good so far. I expected to have stronger food cravings for the sugary goodness that I usually reach for. But instead I feel fuller faster with all the protein I’m eating. I still want muffins and donuts and ice cream and brownies, and garlic bread (yummmmmm). But I have been staying strong and exercising my “no” muscle. {By the way, I tried making a “healthy” pumpkin pie recipe with no flour or sugar…it bore no resemblance to the real thing and just made me sad it was so disgusting. Guess I should just hold out for the real thing.}

So to keep my mind off of all the food I can’t have, Benjamin and I have been staying busy this week, putting our house back together after having new laminate flooring put in the bedroom and living room (it’s so nice!), shopping for Starbucks deals, and enjoying a visit to Aunt Kat at the preschool. He was so adorable – he played with the other kids and then went and climbed up on to the bench and sat with them at the lunch table. What a cutie 🙂 .


How have you been doing on the challenge? What’s been the hardest thing so far?


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Wow, where has the time gone?? I have been rudely MIA around here…partially just letting being pregnant take over for a bit. I am officially in my third trimester now and in just a few short months we get to welcome little Indiana in to the world to meet all of her loving friends and family members :).

I have a lot of things I still want to accomplish before she arrives, and one of them has to do with this self-challenge.

Lately I have been feeling like I am just eating and eating and eating! Any other pregnant ladies know what I’m talking about?? And quite honestly, I don’t really feel good about it either – physically or mentally.

So in order to counter-act this trend, I have chosen to do the following:

I am going to give up eating out at restaurants, white sugar, and white flour from my diet for the month of October.

This might sound tough, but I can still eat fruits and honey as a source of sweetener, and whole wheat flour is OK if I feel that I really need flour. But otherwise, I will mainly be eating proteins (meats, beans, eggs, etc.), dairy (cheese, butter, milk, etc.), and fruits and vegetables. I have a pretty well thought out menu plan for the month and snack ideas too. So hopefully I will be setting myself up for success??? (I hope!). {My only concession to these rules will be when I go on vacation later this month since going out can’t really be avoided. But I will still try to make the best choices of what is available to me}.

Now, for the record I’m not doing this to lose weight (not advised while pregnant anyway), or to prove anything. I simply want to simplify how and what I eat and reset my mind about what I am putting in to my mouth for nourishment.

Will the others in my family be joining me?

Not completely. Nathan will eat what I make for dinners, but he reserves the right to eat whatever else he wants for the other meals. And Benjamin will generally eat what I am eating because we are together all day (however, quesadillas for Ben are not out of the question should the need arise!).

This may prove to be difficult for a foodie like myself, but I really want to give it a go. I will be posting periodically about my progress, along with some challenge-friendly recipes and ideas. I will probably only update a few times a week…it would be too boring to post about it everyday! But I would still like to post about it to keep myself accountable.


Benjamin’s excited about this challenge too!

Feel free to join me in the challenge too! You can choose one week, or one item to eliminate, or you can do the whole thing right along with me.

How about it? Anyone else in??