Goals PhotoSo here’s my goal update for April. I feel good about some parts…not so good about others. I think I will need to start posting my weekly goals on here to help me stay accountable. Because I really DO want to accomplish all of my goals this year. I really did thoughtfully construct these goals in order to make them reasonable and attainable this year. So…here’s how I did in April…(and I;m planning for May to be even better!).

My word for the year: YES

I chose this as my word because I really want to be more open to: change, trying new things, and to what God has in store for my life as I transition from student/employee in to staying home with the Benjamin full-time. So, when I want to say NO, but I don’t really know why (Comfort? Laziness? Close-minded-ness??) then I’m going to try and say YES instead…and see what happens. I’m kinda scared…but kinda excited too…to dare that I could be something or someone else, and NOT always be who I am right now…

{April Update: (I’m really excited about this one!) I said “YES” to…letting go and letting God. I had really been struggling with a particular relationship in my life…lots of hurtful words and anger. But anger is useless and was really only hurting me. I finally gave it up to God and said “Enough!” I asked Him to heal me from this cancerous anger in my body. I said “YES” to accepting His healing of my heart and mind. And you know what happened?? He freed me of it :). And I feel so good! Like a HUGE weight has been lifted off of me. God is so faithful when we just say “YES” to Him. He has so much to give us if we just let Him. 🙂}

The rest of my goals…


1. Make Reading the Bible a priority EVERYDAY {I am doing GREAT at this!! After writing about my plan for succeeding in this area, I have been faithful to read my Bible (almost) every night before bed. I wasn’t able to read every night, but when I missed one, I gave myself grace and just picked it back up the next night. So far its been one chapter each night, and I have really been enjoying my (slow but steady) progress through the New Testament!}

2. Prayerfully find a cause that breaks my heart {Ongoing…}


1. Take a Sabbath once a week {Still working through this one…what does a Sabbath look like? Hmm. Perhaps this will be my next goal to tackle with a plan… }

2. Plan Monthly Date Nights Out with Nathan {Missed going out this month 😦 }

3. Be more intentional about mothering {Definitely been spending more time playing with Benjamin, getting down on the floor and being silly with toys and games. Trying to let him be himself and NOT trying to control everything that happens. It’s been fun watching him change and grow. I think talking is right around the corner!}


1. Complete 1 Project per month (from my list, found here) {I worked on the Garage quite a bit this month and was able to get rid of A LOT…but that’s really the only update so far…}

2. Start & Maintain a Blog {still doing it!}

3. Generate Additional Monthly Income {Still earning some money through Ibotta, worked a few hours from home for church, and worked at a Prom doing clerical for a  photography company that I know. So not too shabby this month!}


1. Pay off our current car payment {looks like this is going to be MAY!!! But I will keep you posted :)}

2. Purchase a 2nd Car with cash {…June is the word, but…we’ll see ;)}

3. Pay off Nathan’s student Loan {ongoing}


1. Learn How to Can {I have the pressure canner and the tutorials. Now I just need the jars and some produce! This is another thing that I *think* (read: want) will happen this month}.

2. Read 24 Books (see list here) that will improve my life {No excuses here…No real good reasons either… I didn’t really read much of anything this month…sad :(}

How have you been doing on your goals for this year??

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