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Hello Friends.

This past week was a little off for me. My kiddos were sick/recovering from a nasty fever/cough that they kindly decided to share with me and Nathan. Yuck.

Here are my two kiddos being silly this past week…gotta love the no pants 😉

My two little rodeo clowns :)

Rodeo Clown 2

Despite being under the weather, I was pretty on it about eating leftovers and eating up stuff before it went bad (not so on it about posting early in the week as promised), and I tried really hard to follow my own advice that I shared in my last post.

But first, a sad thing happened to our fridge last week. I opened it on Thursday morning and it was warm.

Say what?!

The freezer was defrosting too.

Oh Lord have mercy. Not today!

I was able to salvage the freezer stuff (mostly) and take it to the deep freeze we have in the garage. And since the freezer was cooling like a fridge, I moved all the food from the fridge to the freezer. But alas, there were still some casualties. I failed to get any pictures (there was A LOT going on and I was in no mood to take photos at 7 am!!).

So food lost from a failing fridge isn’t really MY FAULT, right?? I don’t think so, but I will report the loss anyway, even though it was definitely out of my control.

The casualty list is as follows:
• 2 Gallons of Milk, each about half full. (We have two different types of milk)
• Most of the quart of Half & Half
• A bag of chopped celery from the freezer
• All of the lemon juice ice cubes from the freezer (they were stored on the door and were leaking out on to the floor. Yuck.)

All in all, it wasn’t so much to lose, but it was frustrating. Thankfully the fridge was repaired later that day and is currently back to normal working order. Apparently it was a broken thermostat.( If only it was the compressor…we could have a new fridge by now!! 😉 )

Food to eat up right away!

Food to eat up right away!

On Monday morning (trash day), I dutifully pulled out the food that needed to be eaten. I changed my meal plan for the evening to include the foods that we needed to eat up. And it was a good move on my part because dinner was delicious! I modified this recipe and I think I will be making it again soon. Nothing like bacon to make cauliflower amazing!

dead salad. boo.

                       dead salad. boo.

The only thing that hit the trash can on my (intentional) watch was a bag of salad and 1 lb of some very gross mushy raw carrots (not pictured). (Didn’t know they got mushy? Funny, neither did I!). Two things that were on the list of waste last week too. Fail. The salad is just not the same the next day. Making too much? I don’t know. We have some more salad in the fridge as we speak. I will have to make sure I eat it TODAY so I don’t have to take another photo of dead salad in a few days.

So there you have it. Less waste than last week, but still room for improvement.

How did you do last week? Are you having trouble getting certain foods eaten before they go bad?


So I’ve been on an unintentional extended break from blogging…and wow! So much has been happening, I can’t believe it’s already August. What happened to this year? But I’m excited to get back into writing. This is my “main reason” for such a long break.




And then every time I started thinking about blogging again, life just kept on happening.

So I’ll fill you in a little bit on that life that just kept happening for these past 10 months (yikes – has it really been that long??!)

Our sweet little girl, Indiana, was born last December, 8 days earlier than expected for my *planned* c-section (this type-A mama was slightly perturbed. Humph.) We had a happy Christmas as a new family of four (of which I am sure I have a picture but cannot not locate right now).


Such a happy big brother!


Benjamin took a while to learn how to share mom and dad. And adjusting from one child to two was a lot harder for me than I thought it would be. My sweet girl took a bit longer to get on a schedule, but overall she’s been pretty easy going. She has such a sweet smile.


Indiana, about 5 weeks old

Indiana, about 5 weeks old


And loves her brother so much! All he has to do is give her his attention and she smiles and laughs!

Then,  in June we had a great opportunity to move to a new house. This time a duplex about 6 miles away from where we were living. God opened the door – wide! We had been passively looking for a new place with 2 bedrooms, preferably closer to Nathans job, but only found a few good ones in our price range, and unfortunately none had any openings. So we ended up taking the duplex with the 2 bedrooms, and can I just say that God is good? We moved in on 4th of July weekend and have been unpacking and refining our stuff since. It’s been about 6 weeks, and I’ve been excitedly getting into some DIY projects in the kids room. I hope to do a home tour on here soon, but I know better than to make any promises about future posts! I just hope to get back in to sharing what we have been doing around here and more cute pictures of the kids. So until next time…