I’m participating in the Clutter-Busting Challenge  over at Money Saving Mom. The challenge: Donate, Trash or otherwise get rid if 7 things in your home each week day in May. Wanna join in? Check out the challenge on the Money Saving Mom site, or post a comment below with what you got rid of today!

I got a rare opportunity today to get some stuff done today. My sweet angel of a child took a THREE HOUR NAP!!! Hallelujah! I took the opportunity to get A LOT done around the house and clean through a box of papers.

Here’s what I am getting rid of today:


1 stack of papers to shred

4 sets of earrings (actually 3 1/2, but I’m counting them as 4)

1 earring card

1 empty rubber stamp package

Not as impressive as yesterday, but I’m happy to have found at least 7 things to purge.

And after I was done, here’s what else I found…


my sweet little guy waiting patiently in his crib after taking a 3 hour snooze 🙂

Did you purge anything today?