Sometimes I have a weekend that is just…nice. This was definitely one of them. The weather was great, we spent lots of time with friends and family, and I even scored some great deals :). Here’s a little peek into our weekend::

I visited my cousin Kaylee last Friday. She has two little girls, Mindy & Rosie…Benjamin is right in the middle of the two (age wise).

Such a sweet photo of Benjamin and Mindy holding hands and watching TV together. They also had a fun time playing together and giggling.

 Ben & Mindy - 08.09.13

We also discovered that Benjamin LOVES cooked carrots and zucchini! Yay for team veggies!!

image source

I also felt industrious on Saturday morning. So when Benjamin went down for a nap, I got busy cleaning the kitchen.  I cleaned under the sink (forgot to get a picture). But I was in for a surprise when I moved the washer…

Under Washer - BEFORE


But as a bonus, I did find some lids that had gone missing :).

Under the fridge was not much better…

 Under Fridge - BEFORE

But after a bit of sweeping and scrubbing, they both looked good as new.

Under Fridge - AFTER

under the fridge, after

Under Washer - AFTER

under the washer, after

Nathan and I got together with some friends for a game night on Saturday. And I made some yummy brownies to share (recipe coming later this week!).


AND I picked up some great deals at the drugstores this weekend (you can read about my trip here).

We finished off the weekend by having dinner with my family on Sunday night…Nathan made the most delicious chicken pot pies — YUM YUM YUM!!

All in all, it was just a relaxing weekend, and I feel ready to take on the week! 🙂

So now, in an attempt to keep me on task with my annual goals of reading and projects, I have decided to share a few simple goals for this week.

Next week I will update on the progress I have made. So here goes…

1.       Read the Bible everyday (get back to following my plan for this)

2.       Finish “Don’t Waste Your Life!”, by John Piper

3.       Scan all photos from Nathan’s childhood album (and return album to his mom)

4.       Make 2 reusable bags out of old t-shirts

5.       Have one play date for Benjamin

6.       Go walking 6 days (either outdoors or on the treadmill)

7.       Pull out the Christmas stocking kit for Benjamin and read the instructions

8.       Go on a date with Nathan

How was your weekend? Do you set any weekly goals??