I’m participating in the Clutter-Busting Challenge  over at Money Saving Mom. The challenge: Donate, Trash or otherwise get rid if 7 things in your home each week day in May. Wanna join in? Check out the challenge on the Money Saving Mom site, or post a comment below with what you got rid of today!

Well, I’ve been bad this month – not participating in the challenge like I wanted to…

BUT, I think I have a really good excuse!

We are pregnant!! YAY!!!!! We are all very excited 🙂


This is how we “announced” it to our families on Mother’s Day {my sister took the photos of Benjamin — and made sure to sneak in one of them too!}

I have been having mostly bad days of nausea, etc., and just haven’t felt up for clutter-busting or blogging. But I have really missed it! I’m still not feeling great, but I’ve been better at managing it for the past few days.

So here is what I got rid of today:

IMG_13682 shirts that Benjamin has outgrown

2 bottles of lotion

1 tube chapstick

1 necklace

1 pile of papers to shred

Benjamin was being so cute today. He brought me his shoes which usually means he wants to go out. So I helped him put them on {even though he wasn’t dressed} and let him run around the house. I just couldn’t resist snapping a picture!


Oh, to be a baby again!

What did you get rid of today?