I’m participating in the Clutter-Busting Challenge  over at Money Saving Mom. The challenge: Donate, Trash or otherwise get rid if 7 things in your home each week day in May. Wanna join in? Check out the challenge on the Money Saving Mom site, or post a comment below with what you got rid of today!

I took the opportunity to weed out Benjamin’s clothes this morning, and here’s what we will be getting rid of:

photo (2)

11 items of outgrown clothing – only 3 of which will be put away for a future child. The rest will be taken to the Mom’s group I attend at my church. We have a “Take It or Leave It” Table (started by yours truly) where moms can bring in any baby or kid stuff they don’t want anymore (Leave It), and take something else that they can use or need (Take It). So far it has been successful, with lots of coupons, toddler shoes, baby food, and formula being “exchanged”. The clothes seem to be moving slowly, so if they aren’t moving in a few weeks I think I will find a new home for them.

What are you getting rid of today?