msm cleaning

Challenge #30 (the LAST challenge!): Clean all the electronics (computer, TV, iPad, iPod, smartphones, etc.). 

It’s the last day of the challenge, and I can’t say as I was super excited about this task. Not that I don’t think that its something that needs doing, but it just sounded BORING!

But I decided to focus on my laptop anyway and knock out the task quickly. The screen and in between the keys was in need of a cleaning.

Here’s what it looked like in between the keys BEFORE:


Pretty dusty and yucky.

I would have loved to use some Dust-Off or something, but I didn’t have any. My husband suggested trying q-tips and rubbing alcohol.


I got each swab moistened in the rubbing alcohol and ran them in between each key.

The computer was off when I started, but then I must have pushed the right combination of buttons (not the power button) and some different screen came up. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I pushed another button and it changed it to a different language!


I turned off the computer and finished up my cleaning with the q-tips and then wiped everything down with a rag and cleaned the screen too.


These are the very gross looking q-tips when I was finished – yuck!

And here’s a close up of the keys AFTER:


Not 100% dust-free/factory new, but still, quite an improvement. And anyway, I’m not really sure how else I could have cleaned between the keys.

In other news…

I stopped at Big Lots today (a new one just opened up nearby) and I found a great deal on some snacks for Benjamin.

IMG_11602 Earth’s Best Organic Happy Snax for $1.00 each! I consider that a deal, so I snapped up two of them.

And he was quite a fan :).


How did you do on the last task?? Any tips on how to clean your keyboard??