msm cleaning

Challenge #25: surface clean or deep clean your kitchen and/or living room

OK, so I should have looked a head to today, and then I could have saved cleaning out under the kitchen sink for today instead of doing it yesterday!

Oh well. I guess now I get to be creative.

I made a plan to set the timer for 20 minutes and do the following:

  • Clean kitchen windows inside & outside
  • Clean dining room sliding glass doors inside & outside
  • Sweep Tile (again!)
  • Spot clean anything dirty or sticky on the tile
  • Clean stove top (as best as I can in the allotted time – it’s pretty bad, so who knows??)
  • Move everything and wipe down counter tops
  • Straighten up utensil drawer

Stove Top – BEFORE


Utensil Drawer – BEFORE

And here is after a bit of work…


Stove Top – AFTER

The stove top is not as good as it could be. I mainly just got the “gunk” off the drip pans. I don’t know how to get the baked on stuff off…any suggestions?? I have tried many, MANY different things, and still…nothing. Maybe I should just get some new drip pans??


Utensil Drawer – AFTER

I finished everything else on the list too, and had a clean kitchen once again.

And then Benjamin…


his after-nap smile πŸ™‚


…what happens when mommy asks “where’s your belly button?” and he’s wearing a onesie πŸ™‚


his favourite seat in the house – right by the (clean!) dining room doors.

Did you spend any time in the kitchen today? Any tips on cleaning the stove top drip pans??(I seriously need some help!!).