msm cleaningCleaning Challenge #24: Clean your linen closet

So….I have already cleaned all TWO closets in my whole house. What to clean, what to clean?? (Personally I believe that this is a GOOD problem to encounter!).

But I looked around anyway and I then decided to clean out under my kitchen sink. I already clean it out about twice a year. So I guess this counts as the first :).


under the kitchen sink – BEFORE

It gave me the opportunity to wipe everything out and evaluate my cleaning products, as well as whip up a new batch of all-purpose cleaner. I’m trying to switch out my products for all-natural/homemade products. I’m not quite there yet, but as I run out of something I try to replace it with something better. The only thing I can’t seem to find a good recipe for is dish soap. If anyone knows of a good mix – please share!!


my homemade cleaners

I finally wrote the names of the cleaners on the spray bottles along with the ingredients – yay for me!


under the kitchen sink – AFTER

I like keeping the cleaning supplies in a caddy so I can grab everything at once to clean the bathroom. I keep all my sponges, smaller cleaning supplies, samples, etc. in the plastic box with a lid on it just in case the sink ever leaks. That way it won’t ruin everything down there if it does.


And as a reward for a job well done I indulged in a Coke (something I rarely do, but I got it free at Stater Bros. this week! Can’t pass up a free Coke!)

How often do you clean out under your kitchen sink? Do you have any neat tips or tricks for organizing your cleaning products?