msm cleaningChallenge #23: Sweep and vacuum all the floors in your house

I decided to stay focused on one area today: The Dining Room.

I do try to sweep the tile in the kitchen and dining room daily, but that doesn’t always happen. Also, I *hate* mopping the tile – almost as much as I hate cleaning the bathroom!– so it doesn’t get done very often, even though it’s on my weekly chore list ;). Tackling the Dining Room and tile today seemed like a good move.

Here’s the before of the table and floor (although you can’t really see how dirty it was!)


Dining Room – BEFORE

I cleared the table and put everything away (including Benjamin!), moved all the chairs out of the dining room, swept the floor, and then mopped all the tile.

And here’s the table and floor after some good old-fashioned elbow grease


Dining Room – AFTER

The roses are from the bushes on on our front patio. My husband cut them yesterday and made me a beautiful centerpiece. (I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s in love with me ;).)


sweet, homegrown roses

And here’s what the munchkin was doing while I was cleaning


Pretending to sleep!

In other news…

We had another baby-proofing fail. 😦


What did you work on today? How do you stay motivated to clean your kitchen floor regularly??