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Challenge #20-22: Surface Clean Living Room and Kitchen, Surface Clean the Bathroom, or Surface clean the Bedrooms

The kitchen, living room, and bathroom actually stayed pretty clean over the weekend. A nice benefit of participating in this challenge,  I guess 🙂 .

Benjamin’s room wasn’t too bad. We have been working on implementing “clean up before bed”, which usually means mom and dad are putting away the toys while Benjamin watches. We’re working on it ;).

But I still did some general straightening, dusting, and vacuuming of the floor, as well as vacuuming the edges of the room (which REALLY needed it!).

My Little Helper

I had some more help with the vacuuming — I think he is actually a little afraid of it when it’s on – I usually find him hiding ion the kitchen when I use it!

Here’s the Before of the bedroom:

Bedroom - BEFORE

Bedroom BEFORE: not too bad

I also decided to tackle the bedroom closet. It really is a hodge-podge place to store anything and everything, not dissimilar to the hall closet, except for the addition of clothing. I kind of did everything all at once, so here goes.


My Side of the Closet – BEFORE

Jewelry Center

This is my jewelry area. I made the necklace hanger out of an old ruler and repurposed paper clips.

Nathans Side - BEFORE

This is Nathan’s side BEFORE

Closet Idea

I just started doing this again with all my clothes. I turn the hangers around so they are hanging on the rod backwards. As I wear an item and return it to the closet I turn the hanger back the right way. At the end of the year, I can see what I wore and what I didn’t, making clearing out the closet even easier, since I don’t have to remember if I actually wear a certain item.

This is our DVD collection, which used to be twice as big. Since we got rid of our TV last spring, we have thinned the herd a few times. But we still want to keep these, at least for now. We do watch movies on our computer, so they aren’t completely useless (yet)! One of the reasons I decided to tackle the closet today is to empty these bins and put them in to the closet.


Benjamin loves to play with the DVD’s. I think he believes that they are all his.

Which I did :). All alphabetized (of course!), and very accessible.

Dvd Storage

My Side - AFTER

My Side of the Closet – AFTER

Nathans Side - AFTER

Nathan’s side of the closet – AFTER

All the diapers and wipes got moved to the empty wicker hamper in front of the sliding doors to free up room for storing clothes that are too big for Benjamin. Not loving the white basket for storage, but it’s all I have for now. And as you can see, we have some room left over too – yay!

Bedroom - AFTER

The Bedroom – AFTER all of my cleaning

Moving out or Getting Rid of

This is what I am moving to the garage (there’s room in there!), and a few things that I’m getting rid of.

It was such a productive morning that we went on a walk through the park to celebrate.

Morning Walk

Look at the cute smile 🙂

What did you do today? Clean out any closets? Do you have any tips for closet organization?