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Challenge #18: clean out your refrigerator and/or organize your pantry

I can honestly say that I have a love/hate relationship with my pantry. When it’s clean and organized and running great, I’m in love with it. But when it gets crowded and disorganized and haphazard, I HATE going in there! Maybe I’m just a fair-weather friend?

Either way, it’s another one of those tasks that I tend to put off until “sometime soon” comes around.

So I guess today is that day 🙂 .

Lets have a look:



This is another project that my husband worked on and made awesome :). You might notice if you look closely that there is a hole cut out specifically for the vacuum cleaner handle. Totally custom! {and totally necessary, since neither of us factored it in to the original design! 🙂 }.

And here are the shelves up close and personal:


Top 2 Shelves BEFORE


Bottom 2 Shelves BEFORE

I didn’t empty everything completely because I had just done that a few weeks ago. I mainly grouped stuff together and finished labeling everything neatly. I like the shoe boxes and moveable baskets because the cupboard has very deep shelves. If I can move a whole basket at once, it makes it a lot easier to find a runaway can of beans.

Here’s what the main pantry looked like after:


Pantry AFTER

And more closely…


Top 2 Shelves AFTER


Bottom 2 Shelves AFTER

I love using clear shoe boxes, and of course, I LOVE my labeler! {Does anyone else love their labeler??}.

IMG_0871 IMG_0878

And here is the Baking Cabinet. Technically part of the pantry, but it’s not too exciting since I didn’t do any cleaning — it always looks like this.


And this is my additional storage for canned soups and chili


This is actually a drawer from one of those Rubbermaid chest of drawers. It fit perfectly and I really like it! It makes it so easy to see at a glance how much of something I have on hand, and even better, I don’t have to get down on the floor to find something in the back of the cupboard :).

I cleaned out the fridge too, but it’s boring in there so I will spare you a photo ;).

So how did you do on today’s challenge? Do you love or hate to clean out your pantry? Does any one else have “labeler love” out there??