msm cleaning

Challenge #17: wipe down your doorknobs and light switch plates

Today’s challenge was a quick one – yay!

I started out with two nice bright white rags and a bottle of homemade cleaner.


And then cleaned all the door knobs first before moving on to the switch plates. My Dining Room switch plate is part of the large mirror that takes up most of one wall. When looking at it critically, it seemed to be the worst of them all.


Ignore the junk on the table in the reflection!

I took off the cover. It was pretty dusty and yucky behind it. I don’t think that I have ever taken the cover off once in the five years we have lived here.


I used the vacuum cleaner hose, a dry toothbrush, and some toothpicks to get all the junk off the switches and the dust behind the switches too.

And then…

IMG_0784 IMG_0785

All clean 🙂


Proof I actually cleaned! note: most of the really dirty stuff was on the outside door knobs!

After the quick(ish) task of cleaning the doorknobs and switch plates was complete, Benjamin and I spent some time playing before afternoon nap.

We played with Thomas…


…And then of course we had to taste Thomas…


we read a few books…

IMG_0847 IMG_0831

…and we were very happy taking pictures…


…until it was nap time {Poor little guy is teething now and just won’t stop drooling, hence the drool on his romper today}.


sweet dreams little guy 🙂

Happy to have another spring cleaning item crossed of my list :).

How did you do on this challenge today??