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Cleaning Challenge #16: Deep Clean the Bathroom

Blurg. I’m not a fan of cleaning the bathroom, but I had recently noticed that the cover over the bathroom fan has gotten a bit dusty and the ceiling is a bit dusty too. So I decided to focus on those areas today.

I know that we have cleaned the fan cover many times, and have even taken it off and cleaned the fan area underneath. However, I have absolutely no idea how long ago that actually was.

So here goes…

Vent Before

This is what the cover of the fan looked like BEFORE I cleaned it. You can see why it needed it.

Inside Vent - BEFORE

This is what I saw when I took off the cover — YUCK!

Floor - BEFORE

The floor after I took the cover down and started to clean it out. I waited until AFTER the ceiling was done to do the floors!

So after I thoroughly rinsed and scrubbed the cover and used a wet rag AND the vacuum cleaner attachment to clean out the fan area, this is what it looked like:

Inside Vent - AFTER

AFTER: Better, but honestly I still find it gross! Good thing I have a cover to go over it šŸ˜‰

Vent - AFTER

AFTER: All Clean and pretty!


AFTER: Here’s my clean floor – dust and hair free!

I also emptied the trash, swept and mopped the floor, cleaned the mirror and counter, and wiped down what turned out to be a VERY dusty ceiling (who knew??).

As usual, I hate to actually clean the bathroom, but it feels so good to have it done šŸ™‚ .


Even Benjamin was excited to have a clean bathroom today!

How did you do on today’s project? Did you get anything cleaned in your house??