That’s right – FIVE CENTS!

There are A LOT of great deals at Walgreens this week! And while I didn’t grab all of them {I’m trying to stop myself from getting stuff that I won’t use just because it is free — a process, for sure!}, I was able to nab 3 items – that I need or will use – for just $0.05!

So here’s what I got:


My awesome Walgreens score (btw, the bottle WAS full when I bought it…)

And here’s how I got it:

Transaction #1

$4.00 – Morton Epsom Salts {my husband needs these for some gardening stuff he’s been working on}

Used $4.00 RegisterReward(RR) from the Huggies diaper deal last week

PAID: $0.00 (+tax), got back  $4.00 in RR’s

Transaction #2

$1.00 (+$.10 CRV) – 2-ltr Dr. Pepper Ten  {OK so I didn’t NEED this, but I really love Dr. Pepper, so it was a nice treat!}

$3.50 – Nexcare Bandages {For the accident prone, such as I am, these are ALWAYS a good thing to have around!}

Used $0.55 off Nexcare Bandages Coupon from 4/7/13 Smart Source Insert

Used $4.00 RR from Transaction #1

PAID: $0.05 (+ tax), got back $4.50 in RR’s

WOOHOO! I love getting paid back to shop! Every once in a while I actually enjoy shopping at Walgreens. Usually though I think their coupon policies and all the special hoops you have to jump through to get the deals just frustrate me – anyone else have the same experience? I usually just stick to CVS when possible :).

And then there was that fridge episode this weekend too…


the fridge that almost was…

Some of our friends just got a new-to-them fridge and were looking for a home for their now un-needed 10-year old fridge. So of course I jumped on it! I have been really looking to find a second fridge to use in the garage for stock up frozen foods and stuff like that. So we found out about the fridge on Friday night, I did a happy dance pretty much the whole day Saturday, we cleared a space for it in the garage, and then borrowed my Father-in-laws truck to go and pick it up on Sunday afternoon. {If you’d told me 10 years ago I would be this excited and doing a happy dance about a fridge, I would never have believed you!}.

But then, another couple in the same group of friends called to say that if we ended up not wanting the fridge, they would love to have it. My first thought was, “I called it first – too bad for you!” {shameful I know, but just keepin’ it real}. And then I started to think that maybe they actually needed a first fridge, while we were only wanting a second fridge. So I decided to to give them a call…and in fact their only fridge has been leaking water, is pretty old, and they were going to need a replacement. I might still have said tough and kept it anyway, but they are really good friends of ours, and having their third baby on Wednesday — {And honestly Blythe! Don’t you think they need it more than you??!!}.

If I’m being honest, I still really didn’t want to give up the fridge {I was doing the happy dance!!}. But what helped me was thinking about my word for the year: {YES}. So I decided to say yes to someone else who is more in need than I am. Since we were already picking up the fridge when I called to ask if our friends needed it, my husband and I decided to drive it over to them too. And they were so appreciative that not only did we give up the fridge, but we delivered it to them too. It was worth it to see how happy they were about the fridge, and also for the growing experience leading me away from selfishness. So really, it was a win-win for everyone! 🙂

So the quest for a second fridge continues…

And finally, I cleaned the kitchen today for the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Project #15

Here is my BEFORE


Kitchen BEFORE – why yes that is a monkey on the floor! Isn’t that where you usually keep yours too??

Here is my AFTER


Kitchen AFTER

I tend to let the kitchen get disheveled over the weekend because I don’t usually do the dishes or laundry on Sunday’s –not really on-purpose, but it just seems to happen. So Monday’s are usually my day to get it together and clean up the kitchen. I even swept the floor and spot cleaned with a damp rag {I almost never do this, so that is a HUGE win for me!}! I didn’t do any laundry today because it’s raining. I actually love rainy and overcast days {although I think I may have loved them more before we started to line dry our clothes…for some reason ;)}.

What did you clean today?

Did you get any good deals this weekend??