msm cleaning

For today’s challenge (cleaning out the closet), someone tried to beat me to it. Seriously, I got up to take my before pictures and this is what I actually found:


evil genius beat me to it!

If I didn’t know better, I might think he already knew what was up for today!

And then of course we had to try on daddy’s hats

IMG_0699 IMG_0702

I let him play with the hats for a bit…I am trying to treasure these moments…instead of trying to control every thing that happens (which of course is impossible, not to mention exhausting!). So after we had our fun, I took the BEFORE pictures of the hall closet.


Hall Closet – BEFORE


Hall Closet – BEFORE

The hall closet is kind of a “catch-all” for the miscellany in the house – gift storage, sewing machine, hats, laptop, games, half done projects *ahem*,Β  as well as spare blankets and extra bed linens. We have really pared down over the past year…as well as moved our jackets and coats to the bedroom closet to free up storage space in here. I would love to purge the lot of it, but….it’s hard because everything in there seems to have a purpose! I guess I just need to get working on some of those half done projects πŸ˜‰ .

So after a lot of “help” from my toddler, this is what the closet looks like now:


Hall Closet – AFTER


Hall Closet – AFTER

It might not look like much changed, but it got a good cleaning, trust me. Some stuff got moved around for better accessibility, I moved the bin that was on the floor to a shelf, and I put some things away in their proper home (i.e. kitchen, bathroom, etc.). But otherwise…I found NOTHING to get rid of! This has never happened. I can always find something to get rid of!! What does this mean??

It feels good to have a cleaner closet than I did this morning. Maybe I will work on the bedroom closet tomorrow… and maybe there will be stuff to get rid of in there. It might make me feel better πŸ™‚ .

Did you clean out a closet today? Did you find anything to get rid of??