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Challenge #11: Clean the Bathroom

Today started out as such a good day, I almost didn’t want to ruin it by cleaning the bathroom 🙂.  And I really almost didn’t. Really. But I just couldn’t. So here’s what I did today with the bathroom:

Counter - BEFORE


Shower - BEFORE


I kinda fell off the wagon this weekend after the soap debacle occurred on the counter(as if one could pretend NOT to see the bar of soap and TWO soap pumps — accchhh!). I didn’t really deep clean or anything; I mainly just cleared the counter and wiped all of that down, along with the toilet, scrubbed out the toilet too…yikes! And focused on cleaning up the shelves in the shower, which I am sincerely embarrassed to even show you, even though I know I can’t be the only one with gross soapy build up and empty bottles in my tub, right??

Here’s what it looked life after:

Counter - AFTER


Soap - AFTER

AFTER – proof the soapy gross stuff is GONE!

Shower - AFTER


I just decided to ignore the floors all together. That seemed like the best plan.  And as I was congratulating myself on a job half done, I opened the cupboard.

Cupboard - BEFORE

Cupboard BEFORE

Why did I do that? Why?! It isn’t that the space was so badly disheveled, it just reminded me of something I have been putting off. So in a crazy, onlyblythewouldproceedhere kind of way, I decided to reorganize. It wasn’t bad, but I needed to transfer the contents of our drawers to the cupboard because Benjamin has now figured out how to open the bathroom door and get into the drawers (and then proceed to empty the contents on to the floor and manage to look quite pleased with himself when I find him).

So here is the cupboard after 10 min of time. Still working on a bit more Benjamin proofing, but it’s much better now, trust me :).

Cupboard - AFTER

Cupboard – AFTER

{My walls are actually tan around the cupboard, but they came out looking like mustard yellow in this picture…weird.}

See my toothbrush holders? I found a way to use some of those gift set mugs from Christmas a few years ago. I realized that my toothbrush was MIA after I took the photo — I just need to nab another one from my stockpile. I keep our toothpaste in a melamine bowl I don’t use anymore too!


Dental hygiene and re-gifted Christmas at it’s finest…

Glad I decided to stick with the plan, because now I have another bathroom cleaning session crossed off the to-do list ;).

How did you do today? Do you have any creative storage solutions for the bathroom??