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House Cleaning Challenge #10: Deep Clean the Living Room

So as I shared yesterday, my bedroom and living room are essentially the same, so there really wasn’t much to “clean”. But I decided there was still something I could do, so I vacuumed  the edges of the room, dusted the picture frames and mantel, and finally moved the couch to vacuum under it.


Here’s a picture of my mantel and a lovely photo of me in my pj’s 🙂 Yikes! Why am I posting this???


My favourite photo: I have always loved this picture from our wedding, surrounded by all of our friends and family. But I have come to love it even more since my Grandpa passed away last Fall – his big happy smile is something that I really miss, so dusting this frame is actually a chore that I enjoy. It makes me miss him, but it also makes me happy.

But since those tasks only took about 7 minutes to finish, I decided to take a look through my craft storage suitcases and see what all was in there.


the craft suitcases

IMG_0590 IMG_0593 IMG_0592 IMG_0591

And then…just looking at all that potential… I got inspired 🙂 (any other crafters reading this know what I’m talking about!).

Now, these are most certainly not all my craft supplies. No, no,  no….no. I am currently forced to stash my tools and supplies in any spare space available in my house: decorative suitcases in the living room, the cupboard and drawers under my son’s changing table, a corner of the closet, a bin (or two) in the garage, a shelf in the hall cupboard. For the most part, it’s pretty organized and I know where to find everything. But one day I will have a craft room all my own and will be able to have all of my supplies in one place. Until then, I use the pockets of space that I have been given :).

So I have been wanting to do something new to my bulletin board by the back door.  I had a system, but I wasn’t in love with it, and I knew I could make something better. I also wanted to create a system that did not include punching holes through every photo that I wanted to hang up.


BEFORE: This is the bulletin board…I liked the top half with the calendar and photos, but I didn’t love the rest.

So here were my inspiration pieces



I used my trusty paper cutter, adhesive, decorative adhesive paper (I LOVE this stuff!), some regular scrap booking paper and a few embellishments for a bit of sparkle.

Enter my hot glue gun and my of course my favourite craft tool: sanding blocks! (Seriously, if you don’t have some, you need some! They smooth the edges of all paper crafts….and just make me *smile*. I use them on everything! ).


The star of the show: my well-loved sanding blocks!

I simply covered the scrapbook cardboard pieces with paper and then hot glued my decorated clothes pins to the cardboard strips. I used my sanding blocks to smooth the edges of the paper over the clothespins (before attaching).


all smooth now

Then I pinned the finished strips to my bulletin board using clear thumb tacks (I would prefer flat tacks, but I didn’t have any), and attached some cards and photos.



And voila! A pretty, practical and cheap way to display incoming photos and cards.


The results of my craftiness

It feels good to be inspired (and then actually do something about it it!) :).

And in case you were wondering, Benjamin was busy enjoying a PB&J while I was busy crafting…yikes!


Haven’t you heard? The peanut butter beard is back!

And here’s what I’m getting rid of today…some craft stuff and stickers I won’t use and a bag of stuff that I am donating to the Mom’s group at church:


How did you do today on the challenge??

Have you made anything fun (pretty OR practical) recently? Feel free to leave a link in the comments!