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Challenge #9: Surface Clean Your Bedroom

I’m loving keeping up with these challenges! I actually didn’t think I would have much to clean in my “bedroom” today, since we don’t really have a bedroom (we have a bed in the living room, studio-esque fashion), but I actually found it to be quite productive. My husband and I generally strive to keep our home organized and weed-out our clothes and books pretty regularly because our home is small. But there is always room for improvement and re-evaluation, right? 🙂

I took on the area of the bed, book shelf and dresser that makes up our “bedroom” area.  So here goes:

Bedroom Before

BEFORE: Yes, this is really what our bed looks like first thing in the morning. Beautiful, right?

Bedroom Before (2)

BEFORE: this is the bookshelf that separates our bed from the front entry…it’s a bit disorganized.

Dresser Before

BEFORE: Our Dresser (which is actually a re-purposed filing cabinet that I rescued from being tossed out when the children’s department at my church was redecorating their office — score! It has really deep drawers and fits sweatshirts like a dream – love it!).

And now here’s the surface cleaning AFTER photos:

Bedroom After

AFTER: The Bed is made and the pillows are fluffed

Shelf After

AFTER: The books are better organized and I dusted the shelf

{As a side note: The bottom two shelves are kept empty on purpose because Benjamin was having way too good of a time pulling everything off the shelf – EVERY.DAY. And that got old pretty quick! The floral panel on the third shelf up is a “drawer” that I made to fit and then covered it with fabric, so I could use it like a night stand drawer. I am yet to make a matching one for my husband; it’s on my to do list ;)}

Dresser After

AFTER: The top of the dresser is cleared and dusted and the magazines in the basket have been culled

I also changed the sheets, cleaned the inside and outside of the window (and even the screen too!), and dusted the entire shelf.

I also decided to clean through my dresser drawers. Mine are the top two (my husbands clothes take up residence in the bottom two and I have been given strict instructions to LEAVE THOSE DRAWERS ALONE!). So when I say clean through the drawers, I just mean mine ;).

Here is a BEFORE (and pretty bad too, since I don’t usually let it get this way!):

Drawer Before

BEFORE: Top Dresser Drawer

Drawer After

AFTER: all neat and organized!

I started trying the filing system with my clothes after seeing a post on it by Andrea over at Simple Organized Living. She just does it for t-shirts, but I started using it for all my clothes, and it makes it so much easier to see everything in the drawer! (That is, of course, when I adhere to it…see the BEFORE picture for what happens when I don’t!). And yes, these are all my pants, jeans, sweatshirts, tank tops, and t-shirts. My pajamas, socks and underwear are in the second drawer (but I didn’t really want to share that photo…it feels weird to take photos of my undies, so I will spare you…just know that it too is organized!) . I have my jackets, nice blouses, skirts and dresses hanging up in the closet, but I try to keep my wardrobe pretty minimal otherwise. And it really does make it SO much easier to get dressed in the morning when I’m not faced with a million options to choose from!

Here’s what Benjamin was doing while I was cleaning:


eating breakfast(with a spoon!)

And then later…

Ben (1)

He loves his letter magnets!

And here is what I’m getting rid of today:


Magazine clutter be gone!

How did you do on the challenge today?

What are your best tips for staying organized?