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Day 4 Challenge: Surface Clean the Laundry Room or Office

I get a 2-fer today! My laundry “room” (a very generous term for the kitchen nook it occupies), also keeps all of my office stuff too, so win-win! Ah, the benefits of having a small home πŸ™‚ (truly, it is easier to clean!).

So here it is in all of its morning glory: {I forgot to take a picture before I started the laundry this morning — I’m on auto-pilot in the AM and start a load as soon as I get up — it’s usually a bit worse :/ }





And here it is after 15 minutes of work:





I mainly dusted the shelves and put away the paper clutter and homeless items that seem to accumulate in this area. I finally did something about the very annoying phone cord that was just hanging on a nail all bunched up on the wall, too.

As a side note, my husband put the IKEA cubby/shelf up above the laundry area a few years ago — and I LOVE it! He is pretty much a genius when it comes to finding solutions like these. And then last fall he built me the add-on printer shelf because, like I said, he is a genius ;). I am very blessed to have married a man who spoils me rotten!

But where is our dryer you ask?

We don’t use one! This is what we do instead:


airing out my clean laundry!

Nothing like the smell of sun-dried clothes fresh from the line…. πŸ™‚

Did you do any spring cleaning today? Does anyone else line-dry their clothes?