msm cleaning

Project #3: Surface Clean Your Bedroom

For today’s challenge, I decided to tackle Benjamin’s room — since it is the only bedroom in the house!





And here’s what it looked like after about 20 minutes+ of time (I accidentally turned off my timer, so I’m not exactly sure how long it took me!)





Since it was mainly just toy debris, it wasn’t too bad.Β  It did give me the opportunity to purge some toys that he no longer plays with and a few items he has outgrown. {Speaking of toys, we have a shelf + of toys, and all he really wants to play with are empty cardboard and plastic containers! Oh well, I’m glad he doesn’t have to have all the fancy “stuff” to be happy πŸ™‚ }


Re-purposed “Trash”

I would really LOVE to see it cleaned up everyday, but with a 17-month old, I’m lucky to have gotten a picture before it got destroyed again! I’m trying to stay focused on enjoying the moments, spending time with Benjamin, and not worrying so much about always having a *perfect* house {but that is still a “work in progress”}.

IMG_0427 (2)

Apparently proud of his title as “Mr. Messy”

And here is what I am getting rid of today (either by way of trash, donation, or packing away for a future child):


Did you make any spring cleaning progress today??