So here’s the sitch: I have a great list of goals for the year. Some are coming along quite well, others are just OK, and still others I cannot for the life of me manage to get together and work on at all. What’s the deal? (Seriously, does anyone else have the same problem??)

For example: I want to read my Bible every day. BUT, what does that really mean? Is one verse OK? Does it have to be in the physical book, or is online OK? Should it be at least one chapter? More? (how much more??) Does my small group Bible study homework count? If I miss one day, do I fail at my goal?

You see my dilemma.

I am a very “by the rules” kind of person. I need an outline, a plan, a list. And then I have to be able to check it off. 🙂

So this whole “read every day” goal is not really a goal, but an idea. With this realization, I have decided to revise my goal mid-year. GASP! Am I allowed to do that? I say…“YES!” (Which also happens to be my word for the year – win-win!).

If you have set a goal that doesn’t seem to be working for you, here are some steps that I went through to help me make a better plan.

1.    Start with a Question

Ask yourself:  “Why is {insert goal here} so important for me to accomplish this year?”

For me, reading the Bible everyday has always been something that I would like to make a priority and accomplish every day. I have gone through seasons where it has been a priority, and seasons where I have sorely neglected getting in to the word daily (or even weekly).  My answer to the question: It’s time to stop saying it would be a good idea to read the Bible daily, and instead form a habit to make it a priority so that I can continue to grow spiritually and be a good example to my son as he grows up.

2.    Define what achieving your goal means to you {not someone else}

I define Bible reading as just that: reading the Bible. Not doing a workbook study (although those can be very beneficial). I want to read the Bible and have first-hand revelations through meditation on the actual scripture, and not worry about speeding through to complete a book (or the whole Bible!) by the end of the year.

3.    Set yourself up to Succeed

So I have defined why and what my goal means, but when will I actually do it? For me I decided that I can do this one of two times during the day: during morning nap time, or before bed. I would LOVE to say that I will get up earlier than the rest of the family, but in all of my experiments with rising early I have failed dismally, leading to the conclusion that I am just NOT a morning person {and I don’t really want to be!}. So instead, I can choose a time that works best for me, like before bed or during morning nap time.

4.    Give Yourself Grace

OK, this is a big one and one that I’m not very good at….yet. 🙂  I really want to make reading the Bible a priority, but sometimes life happens and I miss a day. My {crazy, type-A, controlling} self wants to have a meltdown, and make wild accusations that I have failed, why try anymore, etc. But instead, I can choose to give myself grace, and know that forming a habit is the most important thing to accomplish. Missing one day does not undo everything already done, nor ruin any future progress. As Lysa TerKeurst says in her book “Unglued”, “Imperfect progress is still progress!”

So here is my revised goal {because I like things in writing…and let’s be honest, a list to check off ;)}

I will make reading the Bible a priority daily by doing the following:

1.Read at the same time every day for 15 minutes – during morning nap time or before bed – {I will probably experiment for the first week to find what works better}.

2. I will commit to reading at least one chapter everyday starting with the beginning of the New Testament. I will remain open to reading more, but I will not pressure myself to do so.

3. I will not come unglued if I miss a day. Instead, I will give myself grace and get back on schedule the following day.

Now, I realize that this is just one of my goals, and I would like to achieve all of my goals this year. BUT, I would rather establish them one at a time. I will still be working on the others…and I may revise some others in the coming months. I just wanted to encourage anyone else out there who may have good intentions, but lack the follow through – like I do!

I am anxious to see my progress this month!

Do you have any goals that you need to revise so that you are able to achieve them this year? What are some of your tips for success?