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Day #2 Challenge: Clean the Bathroom

Not so excited about today’s challenge. Cleaning the bathroom is the worst. I don’t know why, but I have always hated doing this one. But I decided to stop whining and got to work anyway. 🙂

Here is my BEFORE:

photo(8) 2




Here is my AFTER:





Hard to tell from the pictures, but the after is really clean! We only have one small bathroom, but since this is the one chore I habitually put off as long as possible, it took almost 30 minutes! This did included scrubbing the tub and grout (which really wasn’t too bad). I used my homemade shower cleaner, so no scrubbing required (seriously,!).

Homemade Shower Cleaner

1 part White Vinegar

1 part Dawn Dish Soap

Mix in a spray bottle and mist your shower/tub. Let it sit about 10 minutes or so and all you have to do is wipe it down – seriously! I too was very skeptical when my sister told me about it. But then I tried and it WORKS! And it’s super cheap to make too!

Note: Ignore the pickle smell the next time you shower, it will go away!!

I also took a minute to de-clutter my cupboards of anything I know I can’t/won’t use anymore. Here are my 7 things for today:


I hate cleaning the bathroom, but I LOVE how it looks and feels after I do. So I’m glad I accepted today’s challenge! Now, as a reward I get to take a bath tonight in my nice clean tub!

How did you do today? Do you love or hate to clean your bathroom?