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Was it just me, or did March seem to fly by?? It seemed like time actually sped up…maybe because Easter was so early this year.

Yes, in fact, I have decided that I am going to blame Easter. I shall take no part of the blame…in coming up short on my goals…It was Easter, really 😉

But down to business. How did I do on my goals in March, you ask??

My word for the year: YES

I chose this as my word because I really want to be more open to: change, trying new things, and to what God has in store for my life as I transition from student/employee in to staying home with the Boy full-time. So, when I want to say NO, but I don’t really know why (Comfort? Laziness? Close-minded-ness??) then I’m going to try and say YES instead…and see what happens. I’m kinda scared…but kinda excited too…to dare that I could be something or someone else, and NOT always be who I am right now…

{March Update: I said “YES” to…EXERCISING!! Finally, right? 😉 Nathan and I have talked in the past about starting to exercise again…about making a plan, making the time, etc. etc…. but had yet to get in gear and actually do it. But no longer! We have made a schedule (on a calendar!) and have already started using the garage as our gym twice a week after Benjamin is down for the night. So far so good! I’m actually really excited about finally saying “YES” to this 🙂 .}

The rest of my goals…


1. Make Reading the Bible a priority EVERYDAY {not doing too great at this one…I suppose I have not made it a daily priority…but I want to…any suggestions???}

2. Prayerfully find a cause that breaks my heart {Ongoing…}


1. Take a Sabbath once a week {Did A LOT Better with this one in March – yay! Still had some hiccups…it wasn’t perfect…but it was progress 🙂}

2. Plan Monthly Date Nights Out with Nathan {We went out once in March.}

3. Be more intentional about mothering {I’ve been playing more with Benjamin in the afternoons, having “conversations” with him while we take walks, and (recently) been staying consistent with discipline/consequences.}


1. Complete 1 Project per month (from my list, found here) {OK, I am in a similar boat as last month, been working on a lot of the projects…but nothing is actually completed. I made some cleaning supplies, worked on the baby book, scanned more photos, cleaned up part of the garage (the drum set is GONE!)…so progress is happening, I think I just lack a plan…hmmm…} 

2. Start & Maintain a Blog {doing it!}

3. Generate Additional Monthly Income {I worked at church one day in March, used my Swagbucks to buy Amazon gift cards, and signed up for Ibotta and earned $1.25 on an item that was already free after purchase. So, doing much better this month 🙂}


1. Pay off our current car payment {ongoing}

2. Purchase a 2nd Car with cash {not even close}

3. Pay off Nathan’s student Loan {ongoing}


1. Learn How to Can {Found a great tutorial online, and *BONUS*, my sister in law has a pressure canner (!!) that she is letting me borrow. I DO have to pay her in applesauce, but I think it will be totally worth it – I’m VERY excited!!! 🙂. Look forward to post about my (hopeful) success in this area :).}

2. Read 24 Books (see list here) that will improve my life {OK, so I really *wanted* to complete at least 3 books, but…I didn’t :(. I completed 5 other books not on the list, and am part way through 6 others…but alas, not even ONE to cross off…AGAIN…boo :(.}

How have you been doing on your goals for this year??

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