Goals Photo

So how did I do on my goals in February?? 🙂

My word for the year: YES

I chose this as my word because I really want to be more open to: change, trying new things, and to what God has in store for my life as I transition from student/employee in to staying home with the Boy full-time. So, when I want to say NO, but I don’t really know why (Comfort? Laziness? Close-minded-ness??) then I’m going to try and say YES instead…and see what happens. I’m kinda scared…but kinda excited too…to dare that I could be something or someone else, and NOT always be who I am right now…

{February Update: I said “YES” to volunteering for working in the children’s’ department at my church on Wednesday nights and “YES” to attending a parenting class with Nathan at church too! I will say that I wanted to say “NO!” but since I could not think of a compelling reason to decline, I decided to go for it. And I’m glad that I did! I met some new people at the parenting class, and now Nathan and I are talking about finding a couples small group — a conversation we may not have had otherwise :)}

The rest of my goals…


1. Make Reading the Bible a priority EVERYDAY {er, started strong…back in JANUARY! But have not been keeping up with this faithfully. I shall try again in March!}

2. Prayerfully find a cause that breaks my heart {Been really seeking this one…}


1. Take a Sabbath once a week {OK, this one is REALLY hard! But I am trying harder to get all of my stuff done on Saturday so that I can fully rest on Sundays. I am going to try being more intentional in March!}

2. Plan Monthly Date Nights Out with Nathan {We went out once in February}

3. Be more intentional about mothering {Been spending more time just playing with my little guy, and it’s been GREAT!}


1. Complete 1 Project per month (from my list, found here) {yikes! In typical Blythe fashion, I have started or am sorta-part way through several of the projects…I started scanning photos, the garage is about half-way done, I got new curtains for the Dining Room, and I have started a schedule of backing up my digital and scanned photos to an external hard drive. And yet, I still can’t cross any ONE thing off the list! I am determined to be better in March! :)} 

2. Start & Maintain a Blog {yay! I’m doing it! Now I just have to maintain it :)}

3. Generate Additional Monthly Income {I worked at church one day in February — every little bit counts!}


1. Pay off our current car payment {ongoing}

2. Purchase a 2nd Car with cash {not even close}

3. Pay off Nathan’s student Loan {ongoing}


1. Learn How to Can {No real update on this as of now…I have been reading blogs and learning about methods and the pros and cons of the different methods…no real “action” has taken place.}

2. Read 24 Books (see list here) that will improve my life {I am unfortunately struggling to keep to the list! I have finished 9 other books (none from the list :() . I guess I just get too distracted by all of the other “shiny” books out there! I am going to work hard to finish 3 books from the list, since I have actually started at least 2 of them 🙂 }

What about you? How are you ding on your goals for 2013??